Rudy's Ride
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Rudy's Ride for cancer research!

As part of his quest to ride around the world, in October Canadian firefighter Rudy Pospisil will be cycling from Perth to Melbourne to raise money for cancer research at Peter Mac.

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Honour a loved one by purchasing a tribute kilometre of Rudy's journey in their name. You'll get a special tribute page to share messages and photos, and will be sent photos of Rudy riding your tribute kilometre.

Personalise your tribute page, and invite friends and family to donate to honour of your loved one.

A tribute in support of Jane Boyd

Jane for the second time now you are taking on cancer treatment. When we sit down together you don't talk about treatment or chemotherapy but you talk about your family. Despite your cancer you are still focused on those around you that you care for, not yourself. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for. You are an amazing sister. Rudy will dedicate a kilometre of his ride from Perth to Melbourne, to raise funds for cancer research, in support of you. May you both gain strength from this day. If anyone wants to create a tribute of support or in honour of someone who has been through cancer go to

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Latest update from Rudy!

I have officially cycled around the world following the rules set out by Guinness World Record people. Our flag I carried will fly all week on this tower in Melbourne then return to Canada to fly at City Hall In Vancouver. I have crossed 18 countries covered over 29,000 km and used the same bike for the last 10 to complete my ultra marathon cycle. I set two world records during my journey that I am very proud of. I have saved almost 100 animals from the side of the road. I averaged 100 km per day burned around 5000 to 8000 calories per day. I was hit by cars twice , robbed , driven off the road several times bitten by several reptiles flies and insects run off the road by road trains and cheated death more times than I ever want to remember. My last leg in Australia I will have raised almost $50,000 thanks so much to the Melbourne firefighters. I have started annual fundraisers in 5 cities around the world. Why did I live through it? I don’t really know . I think the universe, the power in it that plans all our fates awarded me a chance to fulfill my destiny already knew I never give up it knew I could survive. It knew I would keep going on now even though I have finished. Egypt Israel and Jordan . I contacted the Bedouins Jordan's desert-dwelling nomads they have offered I join and travel with them across the desert top show the world who they are... and I promisedI would Thank you everyone for believing in me. Thank you for believing I could do it. Thank you for supporting my cause to cure cancer. I never ever break a promise and I never ever give up! Well its sunny and warm and Sparkle want to ride to the beach today. Stay tuned I,m not finished. That’s all I have to say about that. Sent from my iPhone — a year ago

Support Rudy in his ride across Australia!

Amount Raised


Target: $100,000

Rudy's Current Location

Covering over 4000km, Rudy's ride will take him from Perth, across the infamous Nullarbor Plain, through Adelaide, and finally into Melbourne.

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Kilometers Sponsored


Target: 4000km

To help raise funds, Rudy would like to make each kilometer of the ride a tribute of support to someone who is fighting cancer, or to the memory of someone who has lost their battle.

As Rudy cycles through some of Australia's most inhospitable regions we'll keep you updated with photos and status updates. By sponsoring a kilometre of his trip you will be also be notified ahead of time when he will be covering that section.

Funds raised will be donated to the Peter Mac Foundation, a leading integrated cancer research, treatment and education centre globally.

Learn more about Rudy's travels

Rudy's website contains more information about Rudy, and details his travels around the world.